Burlingame High School
Class of '66 50th Reunion
The Class of BHS '66 proudly announces our 50th Reunion.

The Weekend of October 14-16th, 2016

Incredibly, this year marks fifty years since our graduation from Burlingame High School. In honor of this momentous anniversary, you're invited to gather with our classmates, partners, and friends to celebrate the passage of time.

Check out the other pages of this website for the exciting itinerary of our reunion weekend.  The
"RSVP/Guest list" page has the updated names of classmates and partners who will attend the 50th.

If you would like to add something to one of these pages...for instance,  extra plans for this wonderful weekend....PLEASE contact cindybiggsweiss at cindybiggsweiss@yahoo.com


Do you love me... now that I can dance?
Do you love me... now that I can dance?

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